Introducing TENWAYS' all-new AGO X: The urban all-rounder

Introducing TENWAYS' all-new AGO X: The urban all-rounder

Life is all about balance, right? The daily routine, whether that's work, family duties, study or something else entirely, needs to be offset by a little fun and freedom. What could be better than an e-bike that's ready to meet all the demands of your busy everyday life, while being a fantastic source of entertainment when your down-time comes around?

With that in mind, get ready to know AGO X, the revolutionary latest addition to TENWAYS' growing family of e-bikes. Like its cousins in the CGO range, it's perfectly suited to urban commutes and errands, but, with its awesome all-terrain set-up, has been created with so much more in mind. Bringing even greater flexibility, it's super-versatile and bound to create smiles wherever and whenever you ride. Read on to find out more about our lively newcomer!



Building in the fun

“Let's put the fun in functionality” – this was the central thought from day one of developing AGO X. An extremely practical e-bike capable of carrying regular everyday loads, its fun side soon becomes apparent when exploring its range of features. First up, check out the driving force at the heart of AGO X – a Bafang M410 mid-drive motor, substantially powered by a 504 Wh portable battery. The motor's impressive 80 Nm of torque helps you to conquer hills more easily, is quick to accelerate, and makes lighter work of any loads you're carrying. When you consider that the motors in most e-bikes designed for city use have maximum torque of 35-65 Nm, this extra turning force at the wheels is truly noticeable. AGO X's portable battery is beautifully integrated into the downtube and provides up to 100km of range – enough for plenty of commuting, fun rides, or both!



What's it like to ride?

With AGO X, we wanted to bring you a totally different riding experience. This is the first e-bike in the TENWAYS range to feature a multi-speed set-up, bringing you even greater flexibility and opening up more terrain for fun rides. The Shimano 10-speed drivetrain provides some serious climbing ability and extensive gearing options, meaning that whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a new to riding, you'll be able to find a comfortable cadence on varying terrain. Shimano also provides the stopping power, with their reliable hydraulic disc brakes enhancing your all-terrain adventures.



The SR SUNTOUR lockout suspension fork adds to the fun-filled all-terrain experience – it's an XC-level component, meaning excellent shock absorption, allowing for the tackling of pretty rough terrain. For cycling on smoother ground or taking on hills, the suspension can be made more rigid with the flip of a single switch – true flexibility!

Adding to the riding experience is the torque sensor, integrated with the Bafang motor. This is integral in providing a smooth, intuitive and natural-feeling powered ride, and responds to your every pedal motion with no delays.



Daily dependability

AGO X is all about the balanced life, and is perfectly suited to supporting your daily needs. Its sturdy body is designed with the carrying of everyday loads in mind, with a 25kg-capacity rear carrier coming as standard. Additional features include aluminium mudguards, a kickstand and integrated front and rear lights – ensuring you'll never be without the illumination you need! AGO X is also compatible with a range of practical accessories, for even greater flexibility.



Discover more

At the fantastic price of €2,399, AGO X is bringing the flexibility and performance you're likely to associate with much more expensive e-bikes! Explore AGO X in detail on our website and transform your life with our urban all-rounder.

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