7 tips for e-bike commuting

7 tips for e-bike commuting

If you've invested in an e-bike for commuting – or are planning to do so – we'd like to congratulate you on the amazing choice you made! After all, we can hardly find another way of commuting that offers so much fun, and yet brings such positive impact both to ourselves and the surrounding environment.

You may not yet be an avid e-biker, but we're here to help, with 7 top tips to get you leaping onto the saddle and making the most of e-bike commuting.

Plan your route 

Like with most things in life, good planning is the key to success when it comes to e-bike commuting. As you'll want to arrive at work on time, general considerations like traffic volume and time needed are indeed important.

However, we're not suggesting it's necessary to go for the shortest path. If you have a choice between a shorter route through crowded traffic and a longer path alongside flower fields, we'd always suggest you take the latter – unless you are pollen allergic!

The point is, always take the route you enjoy the most, to let commuting become your first dose of morning refreshment.

 Remember to test it!

Once you have a plan, the next step is to test it out. If you have time for it, it's a great idea to mimic your actual commute to every last detail during the test. You can take the same path, carry the same load, and even start at the same hour on weekends!

During the road test, look out for any bike shops along the way. They can come in quite handy if you ever get a tire puncture. Plus, knowing your local specialist is always useful.

A round of checking before you start

Before setting out on your first e-bike journey to your workplace, always check the following to make sure your e-bike is in the best condition:

-the battery's charge level

-the tire pressure

-the brakes

-any wear to the chain

If you don't want to get your hands dirty checking and fixing chains, we have the perfect e-bike just for you. The TENWAYS CGO600 is equipped with a Gates Carbon CDX carbon belt, which guarantees 30,000km of worry-free riding. Durable, reliable, and never falls off.

Interested to know more about a great-value, belt-driven e-bike? Click here and explore the CGO600!

Stay safe on the road

To enjoy maximum safety on the road, we advise wearing a helmet, and clothes that are visible in the dark. When riding close to junctions, it's always a good idea to ride slow, so that it's easier to make a sudden stop.

We appreciate that most of our readers are reasonable people with decent street etiquette. However, there's always a temptation to rush it a bit when we're short of time.

With this in mind, another important safety tip is to always give yourself 10-15 minutes' time cushion for e-bike commuting, so that you won't need to race against time on the streets.

Be rain-prepared

If you've decided to become a dedicated e-bike commuter, we strongly advise installing a pair of mudguards on your e-bike. This isn't just to keep your clothes clean, but also helps protect your e-bike from salty mud which can cause erosion.

Also, it is important to protect your e-bike against rainwater. If your e-bike's IP rating is below 65, it's a good idea on heavy-rain days to keep it at home and take another form of transportation. This is just one reason the TENWAYS CGO600 has been designed to be IP65 water-resistant, so that you can keep commuting even in a downpour!

If your e-bike has an integrated battery, always remember to close the cover on the charging socket before riding on rainy days. If your e-bike has a portable battery, it is a good idea to remove the battery and take it indoors to your workplace after riding in the rain. This can help to prevent short circuits or erosion.

Store the bike properly

When parking your e-bike, it is important to keep it sheltered from rain, snow, and direct exposure to sunlight. Leaving it exposed to direct sunlight may cause the battery to overheat and accelerate the degeneration of battery cells.

Also, a decent bike lock can help you stay focused on your work knowing that your bike has the right protection. Here we have a blog to help you find the most suitable lock for your e-bike.

Get creative, and always have fun

What distinguishes e-bike commuting from all other forms of transportation is how much fun it packs. There are lots of ways to explore its full potential; get creative and you may find them all. For example, you could take a short cruise during your lunch break, or explore a new cycling path and find parts of your hometown you've never discovered before!

If you are excited about e-bike commuting but are still undecided about which e-bike to purchase, we also have a guide for that. Follow this guide to find your best commuter e-bike and follow these 7 tips to enjoy e-bike commuting to its fullest!


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