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A premium e-bike to unleash your inner champion.
  • 16 kg Light Weight
  • Up to 100 km Range
  • Sporty Geometry
  • Rear Hub Motor
  • Magnetic Torque Sensor
  • Portable Battery
Exclusive Subscription Offer
FREE €98
Mudguards and Kickstand
Build Your E-bike
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We currently ship to the European Union (except for Malta and Cyprus), the UK, and Switzerland.
Color - Midnight Black
- For rider - 165 ~ 180 cm (5'5" ~ 5'11")
In stock and will be shipped from the Netherlands
Free shipping & VAT included & 2-year warranty
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Arrive on time. Ride in style.

16 kg Light Weight

So light, you can lift it with one hand. Time to vary that training routine…?

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Durable, reliable, hassle-free. Your partner for 30,000 km of maintenance-free riding.

360 Wh Portable Battery

Delivers up to 100 km of assisted range in a single charge. Tackle your commute.

Stealthy Hub Motor

Your hidden advantage. Discreet looks, quiet operation, delivering reliable power whenever you need it.

Integrated Front Light

Pedestrian-friendly illumination for safe riding at night.

Magnetic Torque Sensor

In tune with your movement. A smooth, natural experience from the first touch of the pedal.

Great Bikes. Even Better Service.

You are at the center of our hearts.
Guaranteed Result

Any cases raised by you are carefully tracked until full resolution and satisfaction.

Extended Service Life

We keep you rolling. Replacement parts, including batteries, are available from us even after the 2-year warranty.

Responsive Support

We will always get back at you within 24 hours.

What’s in the Box?

· Toolbox
· Battery Box

Which e-bike fits you?

What’s so special about the torque sensor?

Our precision torque sensors effortlessly translate your every move into motor power, in a smooth, intuitive manner. Tackle reasonable slopes with greater ease and achieve the boost you need instantly at traffic lights. Find out more here.

What are the benefits of the lightweight design?

In contrast to many heavy e-bikes on the market, CGO600 Pro’s light weight allows for easier handling and riding. Lighter weight means less battery drain during riding, plus, when riding without power the feeling is very much like riding a regular, non-electric bike.

How long can this e-bike last?

With good care, this e-bike is designed to last well beyond the 2-year warranty period. All mechanical components are commonly available, allowing for easy repair and maintenance at a regular bike shop, and TENWAYS can provide replacement parts, including batteries, beyond the warranty period.

Where can I take this bike for inspection?

Most reputable bike shops will be able to assess, repair, or maintain your e-bike. The mechanical components are high-quality options which are widely available. Electrical components can be obtained from TENWAYS, together with video installation guides. Find out more here.

What if I need a replacement battery?

Within the 2-year warranty period, your battery will be replaced at no cost to you if found to be faulty. After the warranty period, replacement batteries can be purchased from TENWAYS.

Can I ride the CGO600 Pro in the rain?

Yes, the key electronic components on our e-bikes are at least IP65 water-resistant, and the rest parts are IPX4 water-resistance. You can feel free to ride our e-bikes in the rain, but please do not leave it idle under the rain for an extended time.