How does it work?


With Lease Fiets, enjoy cycling pleasure and leasing convenience for a fixed monthly fee. We handle maintenance, repairs, and insurance, so everything is perfectly arranged before you ride. Request a quote below, and Lease Fiets will confirm approval with us directly.


Encourage employee health and environmental benefits by promoting cycling. A company lease bicycle offers a tax-friendly boost to your team. Learn more about the company bike program here.


As an employee, ride an e-bike for a fixed monthly fee with support from your employer and all services included. Ask your employer to contact Lease Fiets and request a quote below.

Need assistance with your bicycle?

Check out our Service Centre Mapto find the closest Tenways Service Centre for all your bike-related needs, including maintenance and repairs. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at

Is leasing a bicycle the same as financing a bicycle?

No, a leased bicycle is not a form of financing. Lease Fiets offers operational full-service lease. Or better said: you pay a fixed amount per month, we take care of the rest: maintenance, repairs and multiple insurances. This way you will never be faced with any surprises.

Who supplies the bicycle?

Tenways will deliver the bicycle directly to your provided delivery address.

What is included in the lease amount?

With Leasefiets you opt for a complete lease package. This means you don't have to worry about maintenance and you are perfectly insured against damage and theft. The lease rate that you or your employees pay monthly includes:
– Maintenance of the lease bicycle
– Depreciation of the lease bicycle
– Interest

Can I also lease as a private person?

Yes. Leasefiets offers bicycle subscriptions for both business and private individuals.

What happens after the end of the term?

After the term of the lease contract, you have various options. You can conclude a new lease contract for your bicycle. Or you hand in your bicycle and then opt for a brand new lease bicycle. You can also take over your bicycle at a very competitive price. Returning your bicycle and terminating the contract is of course also an option.

Is there a down payment included in the lease rate?

There is no down payment as standard in the lease rate. It is possible to pay a maximum of 25% of the list price in advance. This reduces the lease rate. Please note that you will not get that deposit back if the lease agreement is canceled or dissolved or if the bicycle is stolen.

Is it possible to include accessories in the lease agreement?

Unfortunately not, but you can purchase the accessories yourself here.

Does a deposit apply to the Lease Bike?

No, no deposit applies to your private lease bicycle.

Can I take over the bicycle?

Yes, that's possible. You have first right of purchase. If you want to make use of this, you can request the price of the bicycle directly with Leasefiets.

Is my lease bike also insured?

Good insurance is always included with Leasefiets. Whether you lease for business or private purposes: they ensure that you are comprehensively insured against damage and theft.

You have comprehensive coverage with a low deductible, legal assistance and breakdown assistance.

Other questions

For any additional questions, please contact Lease Fiets directly.