Premium urban comfort,
Elegance on two wheels.
A beautiful combination of premium components and a slick frame, suitable for all urban road surfaces. A must-have for smoothing out your daily errands in a stylish and effortless way.
Premium Urban Comfort
  • green
  • black
  • white
Tailored, comfortable ride
Streamlined, timeless style
Craftsmanship at its finest
Signature design. Premium detail.
Fine finishing throughout

Clean lines and attention to every detail.

Seamless battery integration

Streamlined fit, perfect color-matching.

Fully integrated rear carrier

Robust, stylish and stable carrying power.

Fine finishing throughout
Seamless battery integration
Fully integrated rear carrier
Your City.
Your Dance Floor.

Experience Magic on Two Wheels

Fall in love with two-wheeled exploration that reframes your city. Give familiar streets new meaning.

Elegance An Easier Ride. A Relaxed Life.
Performance in Style
Gates Carbon Belt Drive
your lifestyle
Absolute dependability, with minimal fuss. No chain twisting, no oily hands – just pure, constant cycling pleasure.
0 maintenance required
Completely Silent | Super Lightweight
Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub
seamless shifting
Gear shifting as smooth and easy as turning a radio knob, with an intuitive indicator just at your fingertips.
100% - 310% gear ratio range
Silent Shifting | Maintenance-free
Mid-drive Motor
An empowering
Powerful delivery matched with super responsive controls, the Bafang M420 mid-drive motor delivers a smooth, natural, and intuitive ride.
80 Nm max. torque
Integrated Torque Sensor | Urban Optimized
Portable Battery
A sleek, seamlessly integrated portable battery, delivering 100 km maximum range.
504 Wh battery capacity
Seamlessly Integrated | Large Capacity

Elegance is in the Details

Designed to perfectly balance outstanding performance ultimate comfort, and timeless style. Explore as never before with AGO T.

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Ride Smart.

Ride Connected.

Connect with the TENWAYS app to record, track, navigate, and communicate. Your e-bike’s perfect companion, providing real-time, seamless data.

Connect with the TENWAYS App to record your rides in real time and track your stats.

Cast directions straight to the integrated LCD display for seamless navigation.

Communicate with our team directly through the integrated help center.

  • Motor*

    Bafang M420 Mid-drive Motor (250 W Power, 80 Nm Max. Torque)

    *The torque output under most urban settings is around 55 Nm. The motor will only use max. torque output to support riding on some extremely complex road surfaces.

  • Sensor

    Integrated Torque Sensor for the Mid-drive Motor

  • Controller

    Integrated Controller for the Mid-drive Motor

  • Display

    TFT LCD Color Display

  • Battery

    36V, 14Ah Lithium-ion Battery with LG Cells

  • Top Speed*

    25 km/h

    *The motor will stop giving assist at the stated top speed. You can still ride beyond the stated top speed with pure muscle power. This limit is set in accordance with local regulations.

  • Range*

    Up to 100 km

    *Actual performance will vary depending on temperature, road conditions, rider's weight, etc.

  • Climbing Ability

    Suitable for Climbing Slopes

  • Frame

    6061 Aluminium Frame

  • Crankset

    Aluminium Alloy Crankset

  • Wheels

    6061 Aluminium Rims

  • Front Fork

    Hydraulic Lockout Fork

  • Tires

    CST Puncture-proof 28" Tires

  • Brake

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Drivetrain

    Gates CDX Carbon Belt
    Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub

  • Bottom Bracket

    Integrated with the Bafang M420 Mid-drive Motor

  • Colors

    Jungle Green (Glossy)/Pearl White (Glossy)/ Midnight Black (Matt)

  • Weight*

    Net weight: 30 kg / 66.1 lbs
    Full weight: 31 kg / 68.3 lbs

    *All stated weight numbers have a +/- 3%-5% tolerance. Net weight includes the battery but excludes all accessories. Full weight includes the battery and all accessories.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. In case of unexpected supply-side impacts, we will offer components of equivalent or better capabilities.


One Size (mm) SYMBOL
Effective top tube A 628.7
Seat tube length B 483
Head tube C 200
Steering angle D 71
Seat tube angle E 73
Chainstay F 471.5
Wheelbase G 1130.8
What's special about the Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub?

The stepless shifting hubs developed by Enviolo use continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology which allows for seamless transition between a huge number of gear ratios. For the rider, this means smooth, stepless movement from one gear to the next – as easy as turning the knob on a radio. With all moving parts protected inside the casing, and the hub neatly mounted in the rear wheel for further protection, the internal gear hub has the additional advantage of being extremely low-maintenance.

How long can this e-bike last?

With good care, this e-bike is designed to last well beyond the 2-year warranty period. All mechanical components are commonly available, allowing for easy repair and maintenance at a regular bike shop, and TENWAYS can provide replacement parts, including batteries, beyond the warranty period.

Where can I take this bike for maintenance?

Most reputable bike shops will be able to assess, repair, or maintain your e-bike. The mechanical components are high-quality options which are widely available. Electrical components can be obtained from TENWAYS, together with video installation guides. Find out more here.

What if I need a replacement battery?

Within the 2-year warranty period, your battery will be replaced at no cost to you if found to be faulty. After the warranty period, replacement batteries can be obtained from TENWAYS.

Which e-bike fits you?

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