• Mission

    To make carbon-less commuting simple and enjoyable.

  • Vision

    To make quality e-bikes accessible for everyone.

  • Values

    Values Sincerity, Passion, Eco-Friendliness, Mutual-Respect.

The World of TENWAYS Indulgence

Fun E-Bike commuting for everyone

As daily commuters, we scratch our heads for a broad set of questions everyday.

“What mode can make me feel productive at work?”
“Should I force myself to cope with the bus timetable?”
“Is it worth paying the high parking price at downtown? ”
“Is it my turn to pick up the kids from daycare?”
The frustrating questions never end, and the complication of commuting has taken its toll.
That is why we are on a mission to make commuting simple and enjoyable.
We make the quality e-bikes accessible for everyone, to let you forget about parking lots or bus timetables.
Let’s ride an e-bike, for a healthier life, a better mood, and a smaller carbon footprint.

    We are taking a new approach

    • Great quality to price ratio

      Thanks to our resilient supply chain, we could get the best bargain with our suppliers. Based on our factory’s 20-year experience of bike manufacturing, we can make quality bikes that cost way less.

    • We care for you

      When you purchase a Tenways e-bike, our relationship enters a new start. When selling through offline channels, we make 0 mark-up with our offline distributors, to let them provide the most handy after-sale service for every customer.

    • We hear your voices

      Tenways is a young brand, and we will grow together with our beloved customers. We are constantly hearing from customers’ feedback, and make improvements accordingly.

    We are building a community

    We aim at letting people of all disciplines enjoy quality e-bikes, and we are building a community around that, together with our dear customers.

    There we share about our great life stories, on the ride or off the bike.
    Do not hesitate to join us there, because we have lots of caring and supportive folks there.
    Search “Tenways eBike Global Community”, and you will be there.