All the Highlights from our 2024 Annual Conference & Party!

All the Highlights from our 2024 Annual Conference & Party!

We recently organized a special TENWAYS conference & after-party for our community to celebrate the joy, diversity, community and sustainability that e-biking brings. Our headquarters is located in one of the world's great cycling capitals, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and we held it at the iconic A'DAM Tower on April 12th. Partners and Tenwayers joined our team to reflect on our collective journey towards a greener future.


The importance of our conference and after-party

The event brought together like-minded individuals from our community to network and discuss cycling, sustainability and innovation, and was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to our products, services, and protecting the planet.

It was a great platform to build relationships with our community. Our team was overjoyed to receive such excellent service feedback from our dealers and customers, and learned invaluable information that will help us become even better at growing and nurturing our sustainable community and reaching even more urban riders.


TENWAYS management talks

The conference kicked off with an opening speech from our EU General Manager, Amir, who highlighted TENWAYS' goals for a greener future by building the best electric bikes possible, making them accessible to more people, and energizing everyday trips around town.

Sales Manager Tony then took the stage and outlined his TENWAYS journey, highlighting the benefits and success stories of each of our electric bikes. He also put the spotlight on our newest 2024 models, the family cargo e-bike, CARGO ONE, and CGO009, a smart city e-bike with anti-theft technology.

Our after-sales manager, Dan, said that TENWAYS remains committed to providing next-level support to its customers, including its ever-growing sales and service centers, and aims to improve its already exceptional customer satisfaction rate of 94.7% to make it even better for our community.


Partnership experiences

It was fantastic to have our partners share their TENWAYS experiences at our conference. BVB's Director of Commercial Partnerships, Benedikt Scholz, was there to represent our Sports & Leisure Partner, BVB Football Club. He spoke about how proud he is of BVB's ongoing collaboration with TENWAYS & the amazing feedback our e-bikes have received from staff, players and fans.


Next up was the STRAAT Museum team, who introduced the audience to our vibrant cultural collaboration with local Amsterdam artists Bomba, who brought our CGO009 to life earlier this year with their cheerful street art interpretation.


Retailer and rider experiences

Also invited to the stage was the managing director of one of the largest Dutch bike retailers, Mark De Vos from Fietsenwinkel, who expressed that he remains impressed with TENWAYS and that our models are top sellers which “hit the sweet spot” for different urban e-bike categories.

We then welcomed Simona, one of our wonderful Tenwayers, who shared her customer experience with us, from her initial need to purchase an e-bike to her choice of the CGO800S and why she is a very happy owner of it. Simona also gave a shout out to our helpful Facebook group and shared her excitement about winning the AGO X by entering one of the group's giveaways.

The conference ended on a high note as TENWAYS team members Tony and Natalie unveiled our CGO800S Light Rosé limited edition e-bike under natural light, revealing its beautiful, eye-catching color to our audience.


After-party and giveaways

Following the conference, the after-party was in full swing! We offered test rides for guests to experience the unique smoothness of each of our e-bikes.

We also exhibited our customized CGO600 Pro, which was beautifully decorated by artist Alireza Shojaian especially for our joint show with Paris Internationale last year.


Our versatile family ride CARGO ONE also played a major role in the party. Our DJ spun some tunes on it, and it was also transformed into a mini kitchen where Chef Daan van der Lecq, a huge influencer in Amsterdam's food scene, fed hungry guests with his amazing food creations.


We gave away treats, with each attendee receiving a TENWAYS magazine and a goodie bag, and we held a fun social media caption contest, giving guests the chance to win our newest e-bike, CGO009!

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us for this spectacular event at the A'DAM Tower, we hope you all had a great time! And, of course, a big thank you to our partners, STRAAT Museum, BVB Football Club, 10Days, Wakuli, Tenzing and R-Hood who made this event even more special with their support.

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