How to repair my bike?

To initiate the warranty process, you must contact and inform the customer service of Tenways. We may request you to show the proof of purchase and the most detailed description possible about the issue and photo and/or video materials if possible. Please note that before the issue is completely resolved, you should stop using the product(s) for your safety. 

Customer service of Tenways will work with you on the problem with your product(s) to identify potential resolutions. Depending on your situation, possible remedies may be: we guide you to perform simple fixes by yourself; we lead you to one of the official service points; we allow you to use a professional bicycle workshop of your choice and reimburse the repair costs incurred; or we transport the product(s) back to Tenways for handling. We will instruct you regarding the procedure. The defective component will be replaced with another original component or with another equivalent component. If necessary, you or the professional bicycle workshop of your choice will be provided with the replacement component.