Why is the Dutch bike such a popular choice?

Why is the Dutch bike such a popular choice?

When we think of a European cycling nation, we tend to think of the Dutch. You'd be hard-pushed to find another population where cycling is a seemingly natural phenomenon for all. It's logical then, that a particular style of bicycle has been developed as an ode to the Netherlands' cycling enthusiasts, appropriately named the Dutch bike.


The design of the Dutch bicycle sets it apart from others. Intended to be used by its owner every day, it has a fundamental objective to make cycling more practical and enjoyable. Let's find out what sets the Dutch bike apart from the pack in today's blog.

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Framing the scene

Because the use of the bicycle is, in the Netherlands, a daily event, traditional Dutch bikes have a low or step-through frame that allows riders to mount and dismount more easily, which is especially useful in a stop-start situation, such as commuting or running daily errands.

Dutch bicycles have a distinctive upright seating position, which, like the step-though frame, offers many benefits. For example, the ride is more comfortable as the position reduces pressure on the neck and back of the rider, instead moving the weight to the driving force (the legs!). In addition, visibility is improved for both the rider and, indeed, other road users, who can see them more easily. This is particularly beneficial in city traffic.

The upright position is achieved through a frame geometry that is a little taller than other bike designs, and the longer, swept-back handlebars that meet the rider's hands in a comfortable and natural grip. The rider's good posture is encouraged, helping to avoid the development of niggling aches that can come with more hunched cycling positions.

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Fully loaded

As Dutch bikes are intended to be used on a daily basis, they characteristically come with everything a rider might need, such as front and rear lights, bell, pannier racks, and kickstands. All this helps riders to reduce their reliance on four-wheeled transport, and get some exercise in the process too!

Bearing these needs in mind, the TENWAYS CGO800S Dutch-style e-bikes come with a range of components that make everyday cycling easy and convenient, including a headlight, a taillight with flashing indicators, a rear storage rack, and a kickstand. Our aim is to meet a huge range of a rider's needs and, with the additional powered assistance, go even further toward keeping them riding on two wheels rather than four.

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With the Netherlands' changeable climate, Dutch bikes in general have evolved to feature additional extras to keep riders dry and clean, whatever the weather! These parts include front and rear mudguards, a covered chain guard which helps keep the rain off the chain, and oil off your trousers.

In keeping with the Dutch style, TENWAYS' CGO800S comes with lightweight mudguards, and in place of a chain boasts a Gates carbon belt drive, which does not get oily or rusty in the same way that chains can be prone to, and so is a much cleaner and tidier option! This innovative bit of kit is also super low-maintenance; created as one piece, there are no links to break, and no lubrication is needed. Gates belts are designed to last much longer than traditional chains, too – typically their belts will have a lifespan 3-5 times that of a chain.

In addition, the whole bike is designed to a minimum of IPX4 water resistance, with the motor and display at IP65 resistance and the battery IPX6 water-resistant, meaning that riders can cycle without worrying about the effects of wet weather on their e-bike.

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The ups and downs of city cycling

Famously, the Netherlands has particularly flat terrain, which suits the heavier Dutch-style bike perfectly. Many of us live in slightly less flat areas, however, so the addition of an electric motor to a Dutch bicycle can help to make slopes a little easier to handle! In the TENWAYS CGO800S model, a compact, efficient, and quiet motor sits in the rear wheel hub, delivering powered assistance as the rider needs. This e-bike is also designed to tackle cobbled and uneven city streets, with a suspension front fork to absorb the bumps, and hydraulic disc brakes providing excellent stopping power.

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Time to explore

For daily city transportation, a Dutch bike is undoubtedly a great option, with its fantastic ability to be an effective car replacement in countless scenarios. If you are looking to replace four wheels with two, then exploring all the CGO800S has to offer is a great starting point!

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