Which TENWAYS e-bike is right for you?

Which TENWAYS e-bike is right for you?

With the TENWAYS range of e-bikes expanding, we know that some of you may want a little help choosing which option will suit you best. Our three models are all based on timeless principles of design and built with quality components, but each has its own personality to create an individual riding experience. Read on to discover the key features of each TENWAYS model, and find which bike suits your style.


CGO800S: Comfort Meets Style

Comfort is key when it comes to this relaxed-style, step-through model. For riders that want to take life a little easier, this may be the perfect model for you.


Alongside the already mentioned step-through frame, we've included a few extra comfort-enhancing features in this model, including a suspension front fork to help absorb any shocks along your route. And if the road gets extra bumpy, enjoy an ergonomic Selle Royal Saddle that ensures a secure position. Alongside these great features, you can enjoy the convenience of a portable battery, and enhanced road safety with flashing rear indicator lights.



If you're looking for a luxurious, comfortable ride and enjoy the finer things in life, CGO800S is your match! The step-through design also unlocks the range for riders that may struggle with more conventional bike-frame styles.


CGO600: The Lightweight Classic

Our original model, the smooth, sporty, and stealthy CGO600 – this is where it all began, and riders can't stop coming back for more. Lightweight, refined riding shook up the world of e-bikes, and it's here to stay.



The CGO600 is suited to a rider who wants to weave through the city streets with an e-bike that delivers exceptional performance without unnecessary bravado. In one minimalist package, enjoy a 250W motor and 252Wh integrated battery that deliver a solid 70km range without sound or delay. When we first launched CGO600, some riders didn't even realize it was an e-bike at first glance; talk about an incognito ride!



For everyday riding with an effortless, sporty feel this is the choice for you. Plus, it's TENWAYS' most economical option.


CGO600 Pro: the Lightweight Champion

The newest addition to the TENWAYS family, CGO600 Pro is designed for discerning, savvy riders who pay attention to the smallest of details. Lightweight with sleek lines and a refined look, it totally delivers when it comes to performance and features too.


The large-capacity battery provides up to 100km range, and is removable, for optimum convenience when charging. Enhanced flexibility comes with the adjustable handlebar stem, allowing riders to adapt its position to suit their favored riding style. Light your way with the fully-integrated, technologically advanced front light, which is pedestrian-friendly and ensures greater visibility to other road users.

tenways_CGO600 Pro


For long-distance commuting, and easy travel in crowded city spaces, this is the ideal e-bike to meet your needs.


Find your match

Every TENWAYS e-bike is designed to bring you our signature smooth ride, and our three models deliver a tailored experience to suit a variety of riding styles. If you still need some more info to make the final call, click the links below and check all the details about the TENWAYS range!

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