Michael's happy retirement with Mr. Blue Sky

Michael's happy retirement with Mr. Blue Sky

Having started working life as a trainee at a shoe factory, and retiring as a manager, Michael is living proof of the old saying "hard work pays off". In his retired life, he prefers not to make hard work of things, and instead enjoy every day with his beloved e-bike, ‘Mr. Blue Sky’. When he shared his favorite cycling route in the TENWAYS Facebook Group, we were instantly attracted by the beautiful British country roads. We wanted to find out more about his story, so arranged an online chat to get to know Michael better.

Love for cycling, painting, and community

“At the age of 71, I still try to do my best each day. I love cycling and painting and used to cycle everywhere before I could afford a car. I had a Claude Butler racing cycle for a long time, then I switched for a fixie. It was really nice to ride and I had the energy to go miles on it. I like to paint about nature and took lots of inspiration from Bob Ross. I love to meet people with similar hobbies because it always feels great to be in a community.”

Meeting Mr. Blue Sky

“I have been in the hospital for the past few years with a heart attack and a twisted bowel. I almost didn't make it, in the sickbed for 3 months, and my body weight went down significantly. I felt weak and wanted to get fitter. At that time, even a small hill was too much for me, so I started searching for an electric-assisted bicycle. I prefer e-bikes that can provide power on demand, and still ride nicely when the power is off. Then I saw the CGO600 campaign and found my perfect match. I placed an order with the help of TENWAYS staff and received the bike last month. Sky blue color and I named it Mr. Blue Sky.”

Why Mr. Blue Sky

“Mr. Blue Sky is one of ELO’s greatest hits, and one of my favorites. If you haven't listened to it yet, you must have a try. I gave my CGO600 this name because I was sure this bike is going to be one of the greatest hits too, and it indeed is! Now I ride with Mr. Blue Sky almost every day, and it has done me proud. It made me realize that I can still get out on the road and enjoy a nice ride without worrying about hills or headwinds. It always reminds me of the great fixie I used to have.”

Everyday life with Mr. Blue Sky

“I love exploring the country roads with Mr. Blue Sky. One of my favorite cycling paths is the Marriott's Way, an abandoned railway line that stretches from Norwich to Reepham. Just yesterday I explored another cycling path down to Ringland, and it was lovely to see the swans nesting on the riverside. I like to share all these amazing moments with other Tenwayers in the TENWAYS Facebook Group. Being in a community feels great, and I also love to enjoy the great photos taken by other Tenwayers.”

Michael's life philosophy

“The sun is coming out to play again, and spring is in the air. Let's go spin some wheels, and enjoy the rides.”

It was so great to meet Michael online, and find out all about the ‘more than ten ways’ he is enjoying life with his TENWAYS! If you have a story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.

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