Important notice: protect yourself from counterfeit websites

Important notice: protect yourself from counterfeit websites

Dear Tenwayers,

Recently we have found that some malicious counterfeit websites and social media accounts are attempting to impersonate us. The counterfeit websites look similar to our online store, but attempting any purchases there could cause privacy leaks and financial losses to you.

To protect yourself against online scammers, we advise you to pay close attention to the URLs and social media handles. Only the below-listed website and social media accounts officially belong to TENWAYS.

Online store:
US store (coming soon):
Facebook: @TENWAYS EBike, @TENWAYS Ebike US
Instagram: @tenways_ebike, @tenwaysus
YouTube: @tenwaysebike
Twitter: @TenwaysEBike
Linkedin: @TENWAYS E-Bike
Pinterest: @Tenways_EBike
Tik Tok: @tenwaysebike

Any other websites or social media accounts using the TENWAYS name and/or the TEWNAYS logo are counterfeit. Feel free to block and report any counterfeit accounts that you may see.

If you are in any doubt, here are 3 simple steps to identify fake TENWAYS websites:

1. Look at the URL: the only authentic TENWAYS website is
2. Check the prices: online scammers usually use unreasonably low prices as bait.
3. Contact TENWAYS customer support: email support@tenways to confirm your suspicions if you are still in doubt.

We highly recommend you take these simple steps to protect yourself from counterfeit websites or social media accounts. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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