Meet our limited-edition e-bike, CGO800S Light Rosé

Meet our limited-edition e-bike, CGO800S Light Rosé

As we welcome the new riding season, Spring 2024, we ride away from the dark days of winter into a promising new time when the days are brighter, our beautiful landscape is blooming and there's a greater sense of freshness and hope in the air. It's a fantastic time of year to get on an e-bike and embrace the outdoors with gusto, boosting your overall well-being and routine, so to help everyone kick off the season we're super excited to announce that we're rolling out a fantastic new limited color edition of one of our fan favorites!


Meet CGO800S Light Rosé!

Introducing the exclusive Light Rosé edition of our CGO800S! This model has been a huge hit with fans over the past few years thanks to its comfortable, stylish and easy-to-use design, and we're delighted to introduce a new limited edition version of this e-bike. All the amazing features and specs that the CGO800S has become famous for remain, we've just freshened it up with a cool spring color to help riders live their best life in 2024!


Embrace the freshness of Spring with Light Rosé

Our team chose this color for the CGO800S to represent the feeling of freshness in the atmosphere at this wonderful time of year, when the weather is becoming more pleasant and the days are getting longer; it's also a time when some of us reflect and look at how we can step up a gear as we look towards summer and beyond.

We have chosen Light Rosé to represent many of the shades of spring, both visually and in spirit! A beautiful, sophisticated tone that embodies crisp energy with a hint of sweetness, and echoes the hues of the beautiful cherry blossom trees that shine in March and April. It's when nature begins to grow and bloom again, bringing a spark of hope as we strive to thrive in the year ahead.


More than just a color, it's a vibrant pink that can help you make a bold statement; the CGO800S Light Rosé can be your canvas to express yourself as you go about your day. This limited-edition e-bike is the perfect accessory to match whatever you choose to wear, and has a step-through frame that makes it more comfortable and practical for riders in all kinds of clothing, as they can easily get on and off this e-bike.

It's designed to inspire riders to feel as fresh and confident as possible so they can shine in their daily lives. Whether it's a busy work schedule, socializing, running errands or just a quiet ride to clear your head, this electric bike has you covered.

The sweet CGO800S Light Rosé is a model and color that doesn't define or exclude, it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who needs a comfortable e-bike that doesn't compromise on function or style, perfectly packaged in a crisp color that screams refined vitality.


3 great offers with this fresh limited-edition e-bike!

Unique Collectors medals for all 2,024 pieces that are ordered

For this limited edition CGO800S Light Rosé, we have created 2,024 units to commemorate this bright and exciting year! Each purchaser will receive an intricately designed medal with their unique collector's number for this e-bike. Not only does it represent the e-bike's place in the timeline of this edition, but it can also help make fun decisions! The middle layer of the medal can be spun to help you decide on your next destination or activity, perfect for those impulsive riding days!


Order early for an exclusive gift!

The first 300 customers to order will receive an exclusive CGO800S Light Rosé special gift box, made from sustainable materials and containing a range of travel bags to carry your essentials as you ride around town. From shoes to toiletries and other essentials, we've got you covered with a range of handy travel bags so you can ride home and pick up your things in comfort and style.


Limited Edition CGO800S collectors' draw

The buyer who receives collector's medal number 800 with their order of the CGO800S Light Rosé special edition will also receive the Sky Blue CGO800S model FREE! Buy this model and you could be lucky number 800 and receive 2 e-bikes for the price of one!



CGO800S and style go hand in hand, so to celebrate the special occasion of this exclusive limited-edition e-bike release, we've teamed up with Amsterdam-based fashion brand 10Days. Our collaboration with them perfectly captures the essence of the CGO800S in Light Rosé as a must-have style partner for Spring/Summer 2024.


Find out more about this exclusive TENWAYS e-bike for Spring 2024

Immerse yourself in the full essence of our CGO800S Light Rosé and imagine it energizing you as you stylishly cruise to the city's hot spots in the crisp spring air. This model has all the outstanding features of our comfortable CGO800S e-bike, but with a new refreshing and inspirational color perfect for Spring 2024 - an elegant e-bike for those who want to redefine their urban landscape with fun, effortless rides. Discover all its practical features and benefits by visiting the main page of our standard CGO800S model.

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