Fun = Speed × Control

Access all your untapped potential on the sleekest ride in town.


The smart power system serves your need for speed, beyond a mere movement from point A to Point B.


Forget about all the same-old, because you are now in full control. Discover the path less traveled, as the powerful ultra-lightweight e-bike unchains you from worries about stairs or slopes.

Fully Integrated

Power System

The controller, motor, and torque sensor are designed as an integrated solution. They are built just for each other, for more compatibility, more efficiency, and less need for maintenance.

  • Brushless Hub Motor

    The smoothest and quietest boost of speed.0 sensed friction,even when the power is off.

  • Gates Carbon Belt

    Durable and reliabl,with minimum power loss in the transmission.

  • Smart Torque Sensor

    High-accuracy magnetic sensing, providing instant power on demand.

Hassle-free Design

Hydraulic disc brakes. More reliable and

durable than mechanical brakes.

IP65 dust/water-proof display. User

friendly and maintenance-free

Durable battery made with

Samsung Electric cells. 2.5-hour flash charging.