Why should I choose TENWAYS?

The decision on whether to get a TENWAYS e-bike is of course up to you, but here are a few simple facts that will hopefully make your decision a bit easier:

  • All our e-bikes are equipped with a high-precision magnetic torque sensor that translates your every move into motor power. The ride is so smooth and bionic that it can get addictive.
  • Even when the power is off, the ride of our e-bikes is still super smooth, just like a regular bike, with no additional friction.
  • All our e-bikes are in compliance with the EN15194 regulation, with street-legal lights and reflectors.
  • Our e-bikes are compatible with most accessories on the market.
  • All our e-bikes are equipped with a Gates Carbon Belt, which offers at least 30,000km of hassle-free ride.

 We do not just want to provide the best riding experience for our urban adventurers, but also the best service possible.

  • We offer a 2-year warranty on all our e-bikes (5 years on the frame & front fork).
  • We can send you brand-new spare parts when needed within the warranty.
  • If you have a question or face any issue, just contact us at support@tenways.com. Our customer support team is super responsive.
  • Most bike shops can service the components. Other than the core electric components, we use as many standard bicycle parts as possible.
  • Portable or integrated battery, we have the right e-bike to suit your preferences. Even after the 2-year warranty, you can still purchase new batteries from us.

If you still have some questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@tenways.com.