How to connect my e-bike with the TENWAYS App?

Follow these easy steps to register your account and get the best out of your e-bike!

Create an account for your e-bike:

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play by searching 'TENWAYS’.
  • Open the app, then click Create New Account -> enter your email address then click Send.
  • Go to the mailbox of the email to get your Dynamic Code.
  • Copy and paste the Dynamic Code to the app then click Next.
  • Set your password -> complete personal information -> Finish.

Connect your e-bike to the app now:

  • Enter the order number, which starts with #SPF***A, for example, #SPF001A.
  • Then the bike information will be downloaded automatically, if it is matching with your bike, click Activate.
  • Then last step is to name your bike, enter the Name, and click Done.

Congratulations! Your e-bike is connected to our TENWAYS App!