Which frame size shall I choose?

There are four frame heights we offer: 460 mm & 500 mm & 540 mm & 580 mm, also known as size S, M, L, XL in our website.

Generally, the suitable size for riders are as follow, but some other factors can affect, such as body proportion:

  • S for 160 cm-170 cm(5'2" -5'6") body height;
  • M frame height for 165 cm-180 cm(5'4" -5'9") body height;
  • L frame height for 175 cm -195 cm(5'7" -6'4") body height;
  • XL frame height for >190 cm(>6'3") body height;

Please noted that it is only for suggestion and after you choose the suitable size accordingly you can modify the riding position by adjusting the seat post. Furthermore, if you still feel puzzled about size selection, Tenways Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you.