Is there any daily maintenance required?

Inspection can expose possible mechanical error and prevent danger from happening. We recommend you to do the following checking best before every ride:
  • Function of brake
  • Function of light
  • Tire pressure
And the following thing occasionally, especially after an extreme ride (muddy road, heavy rain, long-distance, etc.):
  • Tension of Gates Carbon Drive (Download owner’s manual from Gates:
Apart from letting it shine, regular cleaning can also add to lifespan. If the bike has gone through heavy rain or mud, cleaning must be put forward.
If you see light dirt or mud on the bicycle, you can remove it with wet cloth. If the dirt is thick, solid or sticky, try rinsing them using a low-pressure hose. Do not use high-pressure water jet, because it may damage the bearing and electronics.
No lube
Do not lube Tenways electric bicycle with any oil or paste because it is equipped with Gates Carbon Drive system, which doesn’t require any lubrication. Lubing with oil doesn’t help at all but damages the drive train system. Just let it be like that. But if there is mud, stone or any object blocking the belt, do remove them to keep transmission working.