How to take care of the battery?

  1. Battery must be refreshed at least every 1-2 months (the battery is fully charged, discharged to cutoff voltage, and then charged to 70%);
  2. For long-term storage, battery capacity should be no less than 60%, and refresh every 1-2 months(Battery is not in guarantee if they are not refreshed at least every 1-2 months and get damaged not in the warranty period);
  3. The charging process should always take place in a dry and not too cold environment, but always above at least 0° C;
  4. Operating Temperature:
  • Charge: 0 ~ +45°C
  • Discharge: -10 ~ +60°C
We strongly suggest you to store the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space in Storage Temperature -20 ~ +45°C.